About Us

FreeFall 5G, Inc, a 5G disruptive technology development company that provides intelligent antenna systems for the global 5G market. Its flagship product, the FreeStar5G, provides high data rate communications at virtually any frequency at a fraction of the size and cost of existing state-of-the-art solutions.

FreeFall Aerospace and ED2 Corporation formed FreeFall 5G in Spring 2020 to accelerate 5G deployment. Both organizations are bringing experienced and dedicated personnel to the FreeFall 5G team, backed up by world-class experts in antenna design and modeling, electrical engineering, and RF systems expertise.

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Leadership Team

Alex Rodriguez


Sergio Cardona


Fabian Cordova



UA Venture Capital

Lead investor in FreeFall Aerospace and FreeFall 5G

DVI Equity Partners

Lead investor in ED2 Corporation