TechFocus Podcast Interview with FreeFall 5G

July 14, 2020 FreeFall5g Media News
TechFocus Podcast FreeFall 5G

TechFocus Podcast with FreeFall 5G

Alex Rodriguez and Sergio Cardona of FreeFall 5G

In this episode of TechFocus, hear how two leading Arizona early-stage companies, FreeFall Aerospace and Electronic Design & Development Corp, are disrupting the global 5G marketplace. Their new “FreeStar5G Antenna System” promises to accelerate 5G connectivity under newly formed venture FreeFall 5G, Inc. 
Moderated by Linda Drake from Michael Beach Coaching & Consulting, this episode features FreeFall 5G’s CEO Alex Rodriguez and CTO Sergio Cardona.
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High-tech, intellectual property, out of the box thinking right here in Arizona!

FreeFall 5G is a new company designed to help customers reach the promise of 5G by utilizing the talent, expertise, and IP that spans ED2 Corporation and FreeFall Aerospace with financial backing from DVI Equity Investments and UA Venture Capital. 
Alex Rodriguez
“More devices are coming online and mobile networks are running out of capacity. Soon there can be a problem with connectivity because of a lack of being able to pass data to each other with speed and in a way that makes sense. That’s where the promise of the 5th generation comes to place. FreeFall 5G is helping to create the infrastructure to help make that promise real.” – Alex Rodriguez, CEO of FreeFall 5G
The FreeStar5G is a distributed antenna system offering 360-degree coverage in a single unit with 3D MIMO that is about the size of a laptop. This is a very small size in comparison to anything that is used right now. The FreeStar5G has reduced the complexity and power consumption versus the planar array solutions. The Ultra-fast beam pointing is ideal for mobile 5G services or fixed dense environments. It’s a new cost-effective disruptive product and robust way to achieve the 5G promise.
Sergio Cardona“Two companies with tremendous ability and skillsets with one in aerospace and one in defense are bringing ruggedness, high-performance technology, to the commercial market proving value to the equation. We are taking our product, the FreeStar5G antenna,  together to the market by combining our expertise to create the maximum value for that. Coming together to focus on one product to make a difference in the industry.” Sergio Cardona, CTO of FreeFall 5G

About FreeFall 5G:

FreeFall 5G, Inc, a 5G disruptive technology development company that provides intelligent antenna systems for the global 5G market. Its flagship product, the FreeStar5G, provides high data rate communications at virtually any frequency at a fraction of the size and cost of existing state-of-the-art solutions. FreeFall Aerospace and ED2 Corporation formed a third company, FreeFall 5G, in Spring 2020 to accelerate 5G deployment. Both organizations are bringing experienced and dedicated personnel to the FreeFall 5G team, backed up by world-class experts in antenna design and modeling, electrical engineering, and RF systems expertise. To learn more about FreeFall 5G, visit

About TechFocus Podcast:

In partnership with Michael Beach Consulting, TechFocus Member Spotlight Podcast highlights Arizona’s growing prominence as a world-class tech hub. Each podcast episode features innovative entrepreneurs, transformative leaders, and tech titans who are reshaping the state’s evolving tech ecosystem in existing and emerging sectors. Moderated by Linda Drake, a seasoned Leadership Coach and Business Consultant with Michael Beach Consulting.

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